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Tiny School Shop

Home of Personalized Workbook Binders

Offering educational resources to help Tiny Schools at Home. Bridging the gap between homes and schools.


MAY 2020

When schools closed in March 2020 and traditional classroom came to a halt and pivoted to distance learning, Tiny School Shop wanted to help out by providing developmentally appropriate and quality learning resources to Filipino children.

In May 2020, Tiny School Shop launched the personalized workbook binders for ages 2 to 6. The shop initially offered workbooks for Early Literacy, Numeracy and Writing and as we grow, we offered more binders later on like the CVC and Math Binders.

In August 2020, Tiny School Shop also offered a Filipino Series where we launched our Filipino Binder and Filipino Posters.

Tiny School Shop always listen to our customers and we aim to address their needs as much as we can. To date, there are over 500+ workbook binders that were delivered to Tiny Schools at Home.

All of Tiny School Shop products are Filipino teacher-made.

They are 100% originally created and produced by the

Tiny School Shop Team.

MAY 2021

After a year, Tiny School Shop came up with the Digital Library to fully aid learning at home through our Digital Lessons and Digital Activities.

The aim of the Digital Library is to fully equip parents at home with ready made lesson presentations and activities that are teacher-made.

We also offer our Digital Library to our fellow educators for them to use it on their own classes especially during online learning.

The subscription to our Digital Library entails an 18-month access to over 200+ lessons and 200+ activities. You may check out the scope and sequence of our Digital Library here.

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