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Let's Go Digital!

Tiny School Shop PH launched in May 2020 with the hopes of providing quality educational resources for Filipino children. The vision of our founder is to help Filipino homes, which we call "Tiny Schools at Home", in bridging the gap between school and home ever since the COVID-19 pandemic happened.

In 2020, Tiny School Shop launched the personalized workbook binders that covered topics in Literacy, Numeracy and Writing. The workbook binders offer developmentally appropriate worksheets that are 100% teacher made and based on international standards.

Come the last quarter of 2020, as practicing educators, the Tiny School Shop Team realized that there is also a need for digital educational materials such as digital lessons, slides, presentations, activities and other teaching materials. The team also realized the amount of effort all of the teachers and even homeschooling parents now experience whenever preparing for their own lessons at home. That is when and why they decided to create the Tiny School Shop Digital Library!

The Tiny School Shop Digital Library is the newest innovation of Tiny School Shop! With the goal of providing quality and developmentally appropriate digital resources, the team came up with a library of Digital Lessons and Activities. The Digital Library covers Reading, Language, Math, Science and other subjects (coming shortly). The library currently has 3 sections which is divided into 3 age groups. Section A for age 2s, Section B for ages 3 to 4 and Section C for ages 5 to 6. The age groups were made to easily identify which Scope and Sequence of lessons is appropriate for a certain group.

Tiny School shop will provide a student account with a personalized username and password to access our Digital Library! This is how we made sure that your account is secured and as well as the digital resources that our library has! The library is available on a subscription basis. The subscription is good for 18 months!

Don't worry Mommy-Teacher, Daddy-Teacher and Teacher, we prepared all the guides for you!

Are you getting excited? More curious? Check out our Digital Library catalogue now in our website!

P.S. Tiny School Shop always make sure that we only make budget-friendly resources! So subscription on our Digital Library starts at Php550! 🤍

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