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Are you looking for materials ready to print at home?

Check out Tiny School Shop's Printables!

These resources are no-prep printable worksheets, writing exercises, puzzles, activity templates, flashcards and more!

Just message us on IG or FB to order!



Our Alphabet Printables with over 34 sets — 800 pages have a mix of worksheets and activity templates to help you come up with different learning activities to learn the alphabet. 

Here are some examples of fine motor activities that you can do with our printables. Allowing children to play with small objects help them develop their fine motor skills and it improves their hand-eye coordination. This is also critical for the development of emergent writing


NUmbers to 20

Our Numbers Printables with over 37 sets — 700 pages have a big variety of printables! From worksheets, writing practice, puzzles to activity templates - we have it! 

Counting with manipulatives like counters and found materials at home is a great way to help children make sense of numbers. One of the main objectives in teaching numbers is for them to understand the connection between numbers and quantity.


sight words

Our Sight Words Printables with 3 sets — 485 pages will help students learn the different sight words from Pre-Primer to Level 3 with over 200+ sight words in total.

Sight words or High Frequency words are commonly used words that young children are encouraged to memorize as a whole by sight, so that they can automatically recognize these words in print without having to use any strategies to decode. 



Our CVCe Printables with 6 sets — 465 pages will help students learn words with the long vowel sound and silent e.

The printables included are the following: Flashcards, Word Study, Word Recognition, Word Match Up, Word Hunt and Read a Simple Sentence.


beginning consonant


Our Beginning Blends Printables with 6 sets — 520 pages will help students learn words with beginning consonant blends. These are the L, R and S Blends.

The printables included are the following: flashcards, L, R, S Blends Word Study, Word Match Up and I can Read, Write and Color.

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